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      Silver plating production line

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      Features of silver plating production line:
      1. Single arm design, equipment can be automatically semi-automatic conversion, scientific and reasonable design, high degree of automation
      2. Touch screen control system with man-machine interface, high automation program
      3. Advanced control circuit design, using imported photoelectric proximity switch, travel switch multiple protection, to ensure reliable operation, time can be adjusted according to demand
      4. The production line is reasonable in design, compact in structure, small in floor area, simple in operation, high in work efficiency, energy saving and profit margin. It can be used for electroplating various sizes of workpieces
      5. The process, equipment size and auxiliary equipment of the line body are designed and transformed according to the actual needs of customers
      6. The equipment is widely used in hardware electroplating gold, silver, tin, copper and other electroplating products.

      Silver plating production line