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      Automatic barrel plating production line

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      Automatic barrel plating production line
      Product features: barrel plating is suitable for workpieces that cannot be or are not suitable for electroplating due to the influence of shape, size and other factors. Compared with the way of hanging quilt or hanging basket key in the early electroplating of small parts, it saves labor, improves labor production efficiency, and greatly improves the surface quality of plated parts.
      1. The design is suitable for rolling copper tin plating products, small workpiece can reach 0.1 mm needle shaped small parts.
      2. The tank body is designed with three slots as one, equipped with precision mesh plate roller L1500 * diameter of 500 (mm), 24 V / 3000A high frequency pulse special power supply. 3. The whole line is designed with automatic exchange car, fully automatic PLC program centralized control, open program, simple and flexible operation. 4. Four gantry cranes are designed, and SUS304 material is used for supporting frame.

      Automatic barrel plating production line