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      Automatic galvanizing equipment

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      Automatic galvanizing and electroplating production line
      Product features: the equipment is widely used in hardware, electronics, ABS plastic products, etc. Fully automatic open program, intelligent PLC touch screen operation, improve work efficiency, reduce resource waste.
      1. The gantry type galvanizing and electroplating production line is a straight line type electroplating production line. Its working procedure arrangement is relatively flexible, and each tank can reciprocate or jump. It can be unloaded
      At the same end, it can also be carried out at both ends.
      2. It adopts touch screen control system with human-machine interface, high automation program, screen display and touch screen control, and can set several process procedures according to customer requirements,
      3. Advanced control circuit design, using imported photoelectric proximity switch, travel switch multiple protection, to ensure reliable operation, time can be adjusted according to demand
      4. The production line has the advantages of reasonable design, compact structure, simple operation, high work efficiency, energy saving and profit margin, and can be used for electroplating various sizes of workpieces
      5. The process, equipment size and auxiliary equipment of the line body are designed and transformed according to the actual needs of customers. The production line has strong adaptability to the frequent changes of process, can meet the functional and decorative requirements of each plating clock, and the whole line is clean, beautiful appearance, simple and flexible operation. According to the customer does not have the electron microscope technology, the production cycle and
      The output of different products can be customized. The production line can be designed as fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual operation. It can be designed according to the actual requirements
      Single hook or double hook, programmed into multiple sets of programs, input into PLC touch screen, train operation and various processes at a glance.

      Automatic galvanizing equipment