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      How to judge the order and total number of nozzles by hardware etching equipment manufacturers

      作者: 點擊:353 發布時間:2020-12-14

      The quick removal nozzle of etching machine can quickly separate the nozzle body and nozzle without any special tools; this kind of convenient and efficient design scheme can complete the rapid removal and replacement of the nozzle, so the hardware etching equipment manufacturers can significantly reduce the maintenance and shutdown time in the production and manufacturing.

      The quick dismantling nozzle of etching machine has the function of automatic matching. When the nozzle is installed into the nozzle body, it is fully automatic locked in the appropriate position, avoiding free time.

      1. Sequencing method of etcher nozzle

      The method of sorting the nozzle of the etch machine is matched with the type of the nozzle. According to the chart below, we can grasp that the sprayer of the etch nozzle is fan-shaped regardless of the fan type or the cone type, and the difference is the difference between the total flow and the pressure. For those with small work pressure and total flow, we can arrange them to gather a little. The decision-making of work pressure and total flow is based on the types of commodities. For deep-seated commodities, we can choose the customization method of large working pressure and total flow; For products with deep and shallow wrinkles, it is more suitable for us to choose the customized method with small total flow and working pressure.

      2. Total number of etcher nozzles

      When hardware etching equipment manufacturers customize the etching machine structure and strengthen the etching machine nozzle, they will fix the etching machine nozzle on the swing spray plate of the etching machine. In this overall spray plate, the sequence position of each etching machine nozzle is well distributed. Then we have already interpreted the third point of the sorting position. According to the third point, we can determine the etching machine by combining the size of each spray plate Total number of nozzles. For example: the total number of nozzles in the etcher with 800mm feeding width is 60, which is arranged on 8 nozzles in a 7 * 8 cross pattern; the total number of nozzles in the independent tray etcher of the etcher with a total width of 1300mm is 135, and the number of nozzles is 13 * 14.