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      How to choose electroplating equipment?

      作者: 點擊:374 發布時間:2020-12-14

      How to choose electroplating equipment? The selection of electroplating equipment is particularly important to ensure the quality of electroplating products and improve productivity, such as suspension electroplating production line, ring electroplating production line, gantry electroplating production line and automatic barrel plating production line, double arm electroplating production line and auxiliary equipment such as electronic rectifier, filter device, refrigeration unit, ultrasonic cleaning machine and auxiliary equipment Automatic feeder, etc.

      1、 Advantages of ring plating line:

      1. The automation technology level is high, high efficiency, labor efficiency is reduced, and the actual operation staff is less;

      2. Rod type vertical elevator, high utilization rate of electroplating tank volume;

      3. The shutter speed is short, the product work piece operates stably, and the arm time is about 20 ~ 100s;

      4. It is suitable for ring plating production line of electroplating light machinery equipment with high coating quality, large batch, simple appearance and perfect processing technology (also known as hanging fish type). It is of high quality and low price, light weight, easy maintenance, high production, and has a very good industry prospect.

      2、 Longmen electroplating equipment production line:

      1. High level of automation technology, high efficiency, ease labor efficiency, reduce the actual operating staff;

      2. It is suitable for electroplating medium and heavy parts and large and medium-sized articles, as well as parts with different appearance and batch number;

      3. It is convenient to disassemble and replace the driver, and the electroplating time is convenient. It is suitable for electroplating of various production processes;

      4. High quality and stable electroplating quality. It is suitable for the processing technology of coating thickness.