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      Welcome to the official website of Hebei riste Electronic Technology Co., Ltd!
      Hebei riste Electronic Technology Co., Ltd One stop integrated supplier with high quality
      National hotline: 13933151511
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      To achieve quality, ingenuity to create our own brand

      Product Center

      High end electroplating equipment

      Precision etching equipment

      Anodizing equipment

      Hot dip galvanizing equipment

      Environmental protection equipment

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      Core competitiveness

      Forge ahead, blaze new trails, persevere in quality

      • Military quality

        Mature equipment technology, rich experience

        It has strictly passed the national environmental protection inspection, all environmental impact assessment procedures, four major environmental assessment parameters of waste gas, waste water, noise and solid waste; the pickling workshop is completely c

      • cost performance

        Export quality, middle end price

        50% + export to 20 + countries in Europe, South America, Japan, South Korea, Middle East and Southeast Asia; while meeting your product demand, we will design the overall scheme of steel pipe manufacturing and subsequent processing and manufacturing for y

      • production

        Large scale production, strong R & D strength

        11 R & D team, with 1% of annual output value annually; complete whole process production line, piercing, pickling, finishing rolling, cold drawing, straightening, flaw detection, tensile test and other testing equipment and machining; automatic numerical

      • service

        Housekeeper service, regular return visit

        The technical team can effectively solve all kinds of problems in the use of steel pipes and provide all-round technical support; one to one VIP service experience with one-to-one follow-up visit is carried out to track the use of products.

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      What are the regulations for electroplating equipment?

      2020-12-14 14:29:22

      It is the key step to obtain high-quality coating. In the pre plating process, the main machines and equipment commonly used include grinding, grinding and polishing machine, brush milling machine and automatic sandblasting machine Roll milling machine an

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      • 10year

        15years of industry experience

      • 100home

        Hundreds of customers witness

      • 1000set

        Thousands of customized equipment

      • 10000species

        Electroplating and etching products

      • 10term

        Product certification

      Hebei riste Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a cooperative unit of the 54th and 13th Institute of China Electronics Technology Group, specializing in the R & D, design, production, installation, commissioning and after-sales one-stop service of high-end electroplating equipment, precision etching equipment, anodizing equipment, hardware etching machine and supporting wastewater treatment and waste gas treatment environmental protection equipment in the field of military industry and aerospace Industry. Our company continues to absorb the world's advanced surface treatment technology, combined with domestic and foreign market demand, to create a variety of different fields, different types of special electroplating equipment, etching machine equipment. The business covers military chip, integrated circuit electroplating, microwave, Beidou navigation transmission signal, military radar antenna remote sensing and telemetry, booster electroplating, involving gold, silver, copper, tin, nickel, chromium plating and other electroplating equipment and precision etching machine. It includes foreign military projects, such as high-end electroplating equipment and precision etching project of Bangladesh army, electroplating equipment project of Nigerian military, electroplating project and etching machine project of Vietnamese army.